Winding and especially rewinding is a task of its own. Wherever the coil is the product, precision is the main goal. The layer-to-layer accuracy can be held only thru high-precision arbors and a machine design with no deflection. We have much experience and a full understanding of such tasks and know to integrate our own (!) welding equipment for continuous operation or even laser edge controls. Our design allows for fully automatic processing of even multiple strands right to the clamping arbor. For producers of layer-wound coils, we build rewinders with servo-controlled traversing axis and can supply the complete line with uncoiling, welding, edge treatment, camber straightening and of course intelligent controls.


GSW Shears find their place in Cut-To-Length Lines or as Scrap Choppers. They are used to perform lasting and cost-efficient, no matter the roughness of the environment. Our pneumatic and hydraulic Shears are designed efficient in any way - and from 2 - 78 inch width: The pneumatic Shears run with up to 500 SPM while their heavy types are robust enough to lastingly process up to 0.12 inch thick materials. Since they do not need hydraulic power or electric controls, they are extremely cost-efficient. If a combination of high SPM and thicker materials is necessary, our TSHL "light" hydraulic Shears offer the solution. The TSHS series machines are built very heavy and stiff which allows them to cut up to 12mm thick materials

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