Stock Machinery:

GSW stocks a wide selection of products to help meet your needs today and in the future. With over 40 years of industry experience, GSW has the luxury of carrying many of the finest products currently being produced throughout
the world.

Please call GSW Press at
(419) 733-5230 for the most up to date inventory list and availability.



GSW Pneumatic Shear TSPL 50-24. For
20 x 0.08 inch steel. Approx 80 SPM
GSW Electric Cropping Shear TSEL 135. For up to 53 x 0.125 inch steel. Approx. 35 SPM.
1 machine available

GSW Servo Roll-Feed, WV40-60.
16 x 0.08 inch capacity. With mounting plate,
measuring wheel system and Allen Bradley controls



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