GSW Transporters:

Linear Transporters (also referred to as "Shakers") are pneumatic motors to get your scrap out of the die area. They replace conveyors as they are not worn by sharp and heavy parts. The GSW units are also engineered and continually improved in Germany - in fact GSW Germany is market leader for these units and provides 8 models, the first already since the early 80s.

Locally, our Shakers have supported Stampers for more than 2 decades. Exclusively for our North American and Mexican customers we have engineered a turn-key solution which we call the Multiple Tray System (MTS). Here we help with Press bolster mounted systems with no worries left.

Most importantly for a successful installation is professional assistance at start-up and fast service. This can be provided only with good men and good stocks. We have taken care of this: CHS Automation stocks over 50,000.00 USD worth of parts for you, assembles and services the Powerspeed Linear Transporters.


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